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Since 1987, everything we do at Friday Professional Group has been focused on delivering the ultimate experience for our clients and candidates. Getting to know you is the simplest and most powerful way for us to create lasting candidate and client relationships.
We’re dedicated to challenging convention and creating fresh approaches and processes – from the first meeting to the final placement, our commitment to our partners gives you direct access to the people actually doing the work for you. It’s our goal to always deliver more than you’re expecting.
FPG Values
These are the foundation of our business: It’s what we expect from our team, and what we seek in our clients and our candidates.
At FPG, we:
  • Act with integrity. It’s always about doing the right thing.
  • Are accountable – to our candidates, to our clients and to ourselves.
  • Are professional – we’re dedicated to providing an unmatched customer service experience
  • Act with respect. Everyone we work with is essential to what we do – we could not be successful without them.
  • Are proficient - we’re knowledgeable and work hard in the services we provide and the guidance that we give.
Our company mandate is Constant and Never-Ending Improvement (CANI) and we strive to uphold it every day. We deal, daily, with outstanding clients and candidates, and it’s important to us to always be reaching to do better for them. Sometimes, we hear back from our customers that we’ve done our jobs well; this is our ultimate achievement. Thank you! 

"During my contract with Friday Group I have been given interesting assignments with great companies. Not only did they give me a job just for the sake of me having an assignment, but they really go out of their way to find me a job based on my “wish list”, a job that suits me and enjoy doing. I did not have an Accounting experience here in Canada, but when I said my wish is to be able to find an Accounting job in order for me to perform what I love do , that is Accounting, they really tried to find me an Accounting job. Are they not amazing? 

My professional recruiter (Jenny), has been very generous of her time in keeping in touch, asking me how am I doing with my placement, which make me feel special and important. She is always very helpful, and upright at finding a position that suits me. Without them, I would not be able to find success in my newfound career.

I really recommend Friday Professional Group to all those professionals who are seeking employment, over other recruitment agencies. Not because of the good experience I had with the group, but truly it is the agency where to go to – with their professionalism, prestige and people. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!"



I couldn't be more satisfied with the level of service Friday Professional Group provides. This company is amazing at recognizing your talents and finding opportunities that suit who you are as an individual. Every team member at Friday is on board with their mission, and the interactions you will have with the staff are genuine and enjoyable. 

Whether you don't know what you want to do for a career, or are looking for a higher placement in your field, I would recommend using Friday Professional Group. You will be introduced to their team that will provide an exceptional level of service on both a personal and professional level. My own experience was great throughout the entire process, and Friday continues to keep in contact with me 1 month after starting my new job.



I would like to share some good news with you.  I got a job offer which I have accepted.  I would like to especially thank my recruiter and the Friday Professional team for helping me in my job search.

Choosing Friday Professional Group as a partner in my job search was a great decision I made, although I did not have any luck but working with dedicated professionals was a great experience.

My connection with Friday Professional Group does not end here; I will continue to work with the Friday Professional team to achieve my career goals and would refer others to Friday Professional Group. I would like to thank you again for helping me in my job search."



"I just got the flowers from you guys, and realized that today is my first official day as an employee rather than a temp.  I just wanted to email and say thank you so much for everything; I don’t know if I would have found this amazing opportunity on my own, and I am so appreciative of everything you all have done for me over the past year and a half.

Being with FRIDAY has been my favorite work experience of the past several years; I was so worried about working in offices again when I came to work through your company, and every single job you sent me to was so positive and I felt so supported. I don’t think I would have the positive outlook I do now if I hadn’t come to work through your agency, and with you specifically.

I talk about your agency to every single person I know, so if anyone amazing gives me their resume I will send it along to you... I really can’t recommend the services you provide enough. I hope you’ll pass along my heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful ladies (and over worked payroll people!) that I have worked with while I was there.

Thanks again so much. (Sorry, I’m just so happy right now, and it is making me a little emotional)."


"I was placed here by FRIDAY Professional Group and recently became a permanent employee here, I just wanted to send over some quick feedback about my experience with FRIDAY Professional Group because I feel pretty strongly about how it went. From start to finish, my experience was extremely positive, professional and easy. I felt like the recruiters genuinely cared about what I was looking for in a position and work environment, as well as my career goals. I felt it wasn't about quickly filling as many openings as possible, instead it was about finding the best fit for myself as well as the employer.

Throughout the process, my main contact was very efficient and attentive. She quickly found a great fit for me and then did regular follow-ups to ensure I was happy and that everything was going well. She placed me with a company that I'm very happy with, and a role that utilizes my skills and experience. I'm pretty sure the company are happy with the fit as well, since they asked me to become a permanent employee a month before my temporary period was scheduled to end.

To top it all off, I just received a letter of congratulations and a vase of flowers from your team to celebrate that I became a permanent employee, which I think is a really thoughtful gesture.

I was originally pretty hesitant about using a recruitment company (or placement agency) since friends of mine had negative experiences elsewhere, but FRIDAY Professional Group has completely changed my perception.

I'll be sure to recommend FRIDAY Professional Group wherever/whenever I can, and wish your team all the best in the future.


"FRIDAY Professional Group is exactly that - a group of highly talented and motivated professionals that are great at what they do.   FRIDAY Professional Group was extremely thorough in the efforts they took to place me in the perfect senior finance role. They took the time to get to know me, my talents and to understand my career goals. They also helped to negotiate a great contract on my behalf.  But what most impressed me was the ongoing follow-up after placement; they demonstrated a genuine interest in my happiness and my success in the role. I strongly recommend the FRIDAY Professional Group and will use their services as a client or candidate in the future."


"The staff at FRIDAY are true professionals. As a candidate I felt that my career and successful placement was their number one priority. The process was managed very effectively by them with frequent updates and feedback as well as timely management of the interviews and other appointments. As a candidate I had great confidence in the people at FRIDAY; that they were helping me to manage my career."


"My experience with FRIDAY has always been a professional, positive and rewarding one.  When I first registered with them, they made me feel very welcome and comfortable with the process, provided valuable feedback in the best way to identify and market my assets, all of which resulted in an exciting career placement back in 2008 with a company that I am still happily employed with today. I would not hesitate to recommend FRIDAY to anyone seeking to advance their career."



#250, 736 - 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta   T2P 3T7
Ph: (403) 233-0499

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