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Halloween in Canada by the Numbers

By: Kimberley Dart

Thank you Statistics Canada for compiling these numbers.  As a self proclaimed number junkie I live for this stuff!

  • 3,734,401 — The estimated number of children in Canada of prime trick-or-treating age—5 to 14 years old—in 2012, up 0.2% from 2011.
  • 2,743 hectares — The approximate land area (6,778 acres) on which pumpkins were harvested in Canada in 2011.
  • 112.2 million — The number of tickets sold at cinemas (including indoor theatres, drive-ins and film festivals) in Canada in 2010, down 1.9% from 114.4 million in 2009.
  • $355.9 million — The value in monthly sales of candy, confectionery and snack foods at large retailers in October 2011. December, however, was the month with the highest monthly sales in 2011, at $465.3 million.
  • There is a general increase in the number of criminal incidents reported to police on October 31, compared with October 24.

Places in Canada that may give you the creeps:

Axe Point, Black Cape, Black Water, Bloodvein, Bloodvein River, Bone Creek, Bone Town, Burnt Arm, Burnt Church, Burnt Head, Burnt Hill, Butchers, Coffin Cove, Dead Creek, Dead Islands, Deadman's Bay, Deadmans Cove, Dead Man's Flats, Deadmans Harbour, Deadtree Point, Deception Lake, Destruction Bay, Devil's Gate, Devils Island, Devils Kitchen, Giants Glen, Goblin, Ghost Lake, Ghost Pine Creek, Ghost River, Gore, Gore Bay, Grave Flats, Hatchet Cove, Hatchet Harbour, Hatchet Lake, Hidden Valley, Hitchcock, Isle aux Morts, L'Anse-au-Diable, La Roche-du-Diable, L'Île-aux-Fantômes, Lonely Lake, Lost River, Peekaboo Point, Phantom Beach, Pirate Harbour, Point au Mal, Point Enragée, Poison Creek, Pumpkin Point, Rapides-du-Diable, Rivière-Windigo, Ruisseau-Noir, Salem, Serpent River, Shadow Lake, Skull Creek, Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow Road Trailer Park, Snake River, Spirit Lake, Spirit River.

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