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6 ways to avoid job scams

As if job hunting wasn’t hard enough, jobseekers also need to lookout for scams.

canadian-anti-fraud-centreWith many of us competing for jobs in an uneasy economy, scammers are taking advantage of the populace who just want to get back on the employment track.

It’s easy to say “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The reality is that in times of uncertainty, like when looking for a job, the promise of rich rewards and our own desire to get hired can blind us from suspicious behaviour.

The Ontario Provincial Police created a page sharing tips and what to look out for to avoid employment recruitment scams. These include being wary of the use of “wrong grammar, spelling and wording” and odd phrasing.

This January, a jobseeker shared her job scam experience with the Red Deer Express. The publication’s Co-editor Erin Fawcett reported Donna Johansson brush with scammers, who posted fraudulent job listings on Kijiji and On the first instance, Johansson was able to suss out the fraudsters with their fake ‘corporate’ locations, which showed bogus addresses abroad and in Canada. On the second instance, another company was asking her to send copies of her personal ID and passport.

The news follows a CBC report by Janice Johnston in November 2015 that reported job scams are on the rise in Alberta as unemployment rates increase. In it, a fake business consulting firm ‘TipTop Energy’ that have scammed jobseekers in Alberta and Manitoba. At least ten people came forward to CBC and have filed cases with the RCMP, at the time of CBC’s report. The suspicious posting was listed on Workopolis, despite the site’s initial screening process.

How do you protect yourself against these ills?

1 - Do a background check on your background check. Creating a website ‘front’ is easy these days, so make sure that contact numbers, emails and company staff are all legitimate. Verify information about the interviewer and the company. The following are some examples of what you can do:

  • Check the company’s digital presence (their website and social media accounts).
  • Look for profiles of current and past employees online.
  • Browse for any news coverage or corporate releases by the company. 
  • Scan for reviews about the company and their services on sites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Scan scam lists online.

2 - Be mindful of the details. Are they asking you to meet in a dodgy area? Is the company email from a free account? Are they asking you to pay a fee in advance? These are some red flags that the ‘company’ you are dealing with might be scamming you.

3 - Keep your personal info on a need-to-know basis. Make sure you clearly understand why the company needs the information they say they require to hire you. Don’t share your personal information (like bank accounts or passports), unless you are signing a contract with someone you have vetted. Note: companies will never ask for your passport.

4 - Go ahead and ask! Ask about everything. Make sure the company is transparent with you and that you understand what they’re all about.

5 - Beware of vague job descriptions. Legitimate companies are looking for candidates with a specific set of skills to fill a specific role. They won’t use vague, roundabout phrases to attract candidates.

6 - Use only trusted employment agencies and websites. Sites like, only carry job listings from companies with which our staff have been in direct contact. This puts an extra layer on top of paid subscriptions to our security measures.

If you come across a scam, report it to the RCMP and contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. You can also check out the latter for more information on other types of fraudulent behaviour.

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2015 job numbers are ‘ugly, but stable’. What will 2016 be like?

Leaving 2015 on shaky ground, businesses must be bolder with diversification and innovation in 2016.

Alberta-Canada-unemployment-rateIn a Maclean’s report that looks back at 2015 job figures, columnist and business editor Jason Kirby shows a precarious balance between relief and anxiety. Among other things, Statistics Canada reported that 23,000 new jobs were added nationally--way above economists’ 8,000-job forecast. On the other hand, Canada’s overall labour market is still below average despite a surge in early 2015.

It’s not all bad news. Pockets of positivity can be found in public sector hiring, and in growth of self-employment. Maclean’s goes as far as calling the government ‘Alberta’s new job engine’, with its increased hiring in education and healthcare.

As for self-employment, the figures don’t differentiate from those who chose to start their own business or those who’ve had to go freelance because they’ve been unable to secure work.

Aside from the government, which industries are hiring? According to Huffington Post’s Daniel Tencer, fields like Hospitality, Financial Services/Banking, Real Estate and Information Technology continue to show growth.

TriplePundit report by Bill DiBenedetto shows research that proves economic diversity is key to urban growth and productivity.

“Economically diverse cities provide residents some insurance against major economic downturns, globalization, changing legislation, and natural technological progress, each of which is likely to have a differential effect on various industries and occupations,” says Andrew J. Hussey, associate professor of economics at the University of Memphis, as quoted in the TriplePundit article. “A varied economic composition in terms of jobs can also draw a diverse mix of residents, which could lead to cross-pollination of ideas — or, at the very least, make life more interesting.”

As with any major events of change, there will be some degree of painful adjustment. But there is strength in unity and collaboration, and hopefully the promise of prosperity will  be enough of an incentive for us to get through this together.

What path do you see most likely for the Canadian economy this year? Let us know on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or comment below.

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WeEmploy Inc. commits to poverty reduction in MOU with Vibrant Communities Calgary

Unique partnership opens up access to hundreds of active positions as well as fundraising opportunities, while extending market and network reach for Vibrant Communities Calgary and WeEmploy Inc.

CALGARY, December 3, 2015 – WeEmploy Inc., a leading online recruitment and staffing platform, today announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC).

The 2-year agreement represents a significant step forward in creating avenues to alleviate poverty in the city of Calgary, and is part of VCC's long-term poverty reduction strategy Enough for All.

The MOU facilitates a collaborative partnership between WeEmploy and VCC to identify market opportunities for Enough for All and other future possibilities for collaborations. It also gives VCC access to WeEmploy's innovative recruitment and staffing portal, as well as resources from WeEmploy's parent company Friday Professional Group. Additionally, VCC will now be eligible for WeEmploy Rewards, a one-of-a-kind donor and fundraising program.

Steve Mix, CEO and Co-Founder of WeEmploy, commented: "We are proud to be a part of VCC's growing community of advocates. WeEmploy's commitment to breaking barriers between employers and jobseekers will extend to include a platform of support for those who need it most. Our goal is to provide people in poverty with increased access to information, service and solution for community and social resources to serve their unique individual needs."

"This agreement marks an important milestone in WeEmploy's growing history with the charitable sector, as we look to help create a vibrant and sustainable city."

Enough for All is a community-driven poverty reduction strategy that aims to address the root causes of poverty. One of its key desired outcomes is to see 95% of all people living in Calgary to be at or above Statistics Canada's Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) rates by 2023.  


For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:


Precious de Leon

Community & Engagement Coordinator

WeEmploy Inc.


Steve Mix

CEO & Founder

WeEmploy Inc.



Photo caption:  (L-R) Franco Savoia, Director of Vibrant Communities Calgary; Janet Eremenko, Community Facilitation and Engagement Specialist, Vibrant Communities Calgary; Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy Inc.; and Sid Mark, COO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy Inc. and President & CEO, Friday Professional Group Inc.

Photo caption:  WeEmploy Inc and Vibrant Communities Calgary signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the significant steps toward alleviating poverty in Calgary.


About WeEmploy Inc.

WeEmploy is a digital platform that facilitates the matching of employers and charitable organizations with individuals who are seeking employment and volunteer positions. Backed by over 30 years of experience, WeEmploy empowers the market with knowledge and expertise in staffing and recruitment, job boards, social recruiting and volunteerism.

Seeking to break the status quo, WeEmploy leverages its intelligent applicant and network database to eliminate barriers between employers and jobseekers, at a competitive rate. Its rich, streamlined applicant database is designed to make the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective.

As a social enterprise, WeEmploy has donated more than $500,000 in services to the charitable sector. Charities within the WeEmploy Network are free to post staff and volunteer positions, access the the database, and earn WeEmploy Rewards.


About Vibrant Communities Calgary

Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with various stakeholders and partners, seeking to engage Calgarians and to advocate for long-term strategies that address the root causes of poverty in Calgary.

Calgary employment and volunteer network is built around giving back to the community

CALGARY, 4 June, 2015 - WeEmploy, a local recruitment software startup, was created in partnership with Friday Professional Group (FPG) to help more people find employment and volunteer opportunities. FPG drew upon the best practices of their 27+ years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry to create an affiliation which could immediately help everyone.

By combining the most effective applications of job boards, social recruiting, and staffing agencies, WeEmploy™ has become a sustainable community resource providing access to employment and volunteer opportunities as well as social and community services. WeEmploy™ uses their partnerships with educational institutions, associations, charities, not-for-profit organizations and goodwill ambassadors to create a constant flow of candidates with knowledge of the employment, volunteer and community offerings.

Since beginning operations in March of 2015, the WeEmploy™ website has had more than 80 000 page views from over 80 countries and more than 2 000 candidates have created profiles1 to date. Registered users come from every demographic (ages 17 – 79) and have made over 1 000 applications. Over 100 volunteer and employment needs are currently posted on the site, and more are added every day. One thing is clear: people’s needs are increasing, and WeEmploy™ can react with an immediate solution.

For more information, please visit


About WeEmploy

A locally owned and operated business, WeEmploy™ is a recruitment software company designed to empower the public to take complete control of their individual employment, volunteer or community needs. The WeEmploy™ proprietary algorithm, Intellicruit™, uses a profile-based system where candidates and opportunities are defined more clearly to promote efficiency in hiring. WeEmploy™ provides a better understanding of experience (employment, life and volunteer), skills, personality, and education, and in doing so can match needs much more closely to create an immediate solution. WeEmploy™ has reinvented the way employers post opportunities, connect to candidates and hire great people.

About Friday Professional Group

Friday Professional Group has been providing staffing and recruitment services in Calgary for over 27 years as a locally owned and operated company. Comprised of recruitment generalists, FPG provides both temporary and permanent employees to our clients in different industries, recruiting for all types of roles.


For more information, contact:

Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy™

P. (403) 605-9239



Sample Candidate Profile

Do a million crunches & sit-ups but still NO ABS???

If after thousands of crunches day after day, month after month, you still do not have six pack abs or even better abs, then allow me to introduce you to one of the best core and abs exercises: “Plank”

The plank is an isometric exercise that helps build endurance in your entire core– rectus abdominus, obliques, lower back and stabilizing muscles. It is a powerful exercise that anyone can do.

Plank exercises are a great way to work your abdominal muscles, as well as your entire core. By forcing your body to stabilize itself in one position, planks work both your abdominal muscles as well as your back muscles.

A significant advantage of planks in terms of developing better looking abs is that they work the transverse abdominus (that holds in the rectus abdominus), compared to crunches that focus only on the rectus abdominus.

What happens when you only do crunches for abs (aside from back pain) is that your abs will stick out when viewed from the side, not giving the result you are looking for.

How to do plank exercise
1.Start by lying face down on the ground or use an exercise mat. Place your elbows and forearms underneath your chest.
2.Prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and forearms.
3.Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to sag towards the ground
4.Hold this position for 10 seconds to start and over time work for 40 – 60seconds.


Gina Hunter
Co-Founder of Well-Fit Life 
Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach
(403) 827-1620

Join my FREE 30-Day Fitness Challenge! 
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Get Ready For Summer With Some Outdoor Exercise!

Our friends, Gina & Funtaine at Well-Fit Life have some great fitness tips for starting a happier and healthier summer!

Get Ready For Summer With Some Outdoor Exercise!

It's getting warm outside so we like to enjoy the great outdoors and get some fun exercise in while doing it. After being stuck inside surrounded by four walls, it’s good to get out and the open and live a little. There are a number of exercises and benefits when it comes to exercising outside, but we are going to share 3 of each to help you get started.

Exercising Outside Benefits:

Be Happy

Yes it has been scientifically proven that doing outside exercises will make you a happier person. There are tons of reasons behind this but to keep it simple, its human nature to be outside.

Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

You typically should get at least 5 to 10 minutes of exposure to sunlight 3 times a week to allow your body to produce the appropriate amount of Vitamin D. There are a ton of health benefits that comes along with Vitamin D. A couple includes helping with hunger and cravings. Receptors in your brain need Vitamin D help with keeping you out of the kitchen too often in addition to increasing serotonin which elevates your mood (adds to being happy J).

Get Better Sleep

After a good dose of fresh air a person always seems to have a great nights rest. According to an article in Health magazine by the U.S. News & World Report, this is because it helps your body regulate the release of meatonin. This is a chemical produced by the brain that controls your body’s internal clock. This in turn help you become more relaxed and energized during day.

3 Types of Fun Outdoor Exercise:

Go For a Walk

We know this is an obvious one, but it’s often the most obvious things that get neglected. Make it a family activity and go for a walk through the neighborhood or to the park. This is something that anyone can do no matter where you are in your fitness journey.


If you want to take it to another level you can add in a few sprints to your outdoor adventure. There are a number of benefits to doing sprints in the right sequence. One being it adds in the component of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT helps you burn more fat and for a more extended period of time. Here is a simple sprint workout you can do. Go at your own pace and work your way up to the number and distance you can handle.

Workout - 10 Sprints

Measure out a distance (or go to a football field) of 50 to 60 yards to start

Give yourself 60 seconds rest in between each set (ideally get this down to 30 seconds)

Body Weight Circuit

Do the following workout circuit to your fitness level. You can start low and work your way up as needed.

Workout 1 (5 Rounds)

5 Pushups

10 Sit ups

15 Squats

Workout 2 (5 Rounds)

10 Burpees

20 Bench jumps

30 Pushups

40 Squats

50 Lunges


There you have a few options to get you started. If you need any additional tips or help you can always visit our website and connect with us. We are always sharing information on how to become fitter and healthier YOU!

~Well-FitLife Team


Gina Hunter

Co-Founder of Well-Fit Life 

Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach

(403) 827-1620

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The Summer Job Hunt - 4 Tips for Students

As students are entering their final exams, studying isn’t the only thing on their minds. Spring is the time of year when their focus shifts to finding summer employment. When I was a student, the summers helped me gain experience that has both contributed to my post-university job hunting success as well as pay for my tuition. Although some jobs weren’t as glamourous as others (I cringe as I think back to my brief stint going door to door with a lawn aerator offering core aeration services), they’ve all helped my personal and professional growth. Below, I have outlined some quick tips to help you with the summer job search.

Don’t Limit Yourself To Online Job Boards

Some people are surprised to find out that a large number of jobs aren’t posted. Seek out organizations you are interested in and send them your cover letter and resume. You never know what might come of it.

Use Keywords

Don’t send the same cover letter and resume to every job you apply for. Instead of blasting your information, consider tailoring your cover letter and resume to each position you are applying for. I may be time consuming, but the results will be well worth it.

Google Yourself

If you Google yourself, what comes up? If its Facebook pictures of dorm parties or Tweets about how much you hate your boss, you might want to consider taking them down. Employers often look at a potential hire’s social media accounts. Make sure the impression you leave is a favourable one.

Use Your Networks

Employers will often hire people they know or people that were referred to them. Your connections matter. Ask friends and family if they know anyone who might hire a student. They might be able to help you find a summer job.

If you have any questions about seeking summer employment, direct your questions to Ask A Recruiter ( and a member of our staff will answer them directly!


- Emily, Client & Candidate Engagement Coordinator

WeEmploy GOAL! Giveaway - Official Contest Rules and Regulations

WeEmploy™’s GOAL! GIVEAWAY official rules

WeEmploy™ is gearing up to give away an iPod Nano Touch to one lucky follower and Flames fan!

1)     To participate, “Like” and write a “Comment” on the WeEmploy™ Facebook Contest Post;
and/or “Follow” the WeEmploy™ Twitter and “Retweet with Quote” the Twitter Contest Tweet;
and/or “Like” and write a “Comment” on the WeEmploy™ Instagram Contest Picture.

2)     The “Comment” or “Retweet/Quote” must include the name of the Calgary Flames player you believe will score thefirst goal in the Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks game on Sunday, April 19 at 10:00 PM EST.

3)     The contest will run from Friday, April 17 at 10:30 AM EST to Sunday, April 19 at 9:59 PM EST. The draw will be made from correct answers at 9:00 AM on Monday, April 20th and will be announced on WeEmploy’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

4)     Correct answers from all three social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) will be put into the Prize Draw. One correct answer will be randomly drawn and the prize will be awarded to the holder of the account which submitted the drawn correct answer.

5)     Any entrant may enter a maximum of three times, once on each Contest social media platform (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Creating multiple accounts to enter will not be tolerated. Multiple entries from any one account will result in disqualification. The holder of the account which submitted the drawn correct answer must be following WeEmploy™ on at least one social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) in order to win.

6)     Prize will be available for pickup at the WeEmploy™ office at 120 – 703 6 Avenue SW. Calgary, from Monday, 20th April 2015 to Friday, 25 April 2015 from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Alternate arrangements must be made in writing before the 25th of April 2015 to avoid forfeiture of the prize.

7)     You must be 18 years of age or older to win and a resident of Alberta.  No purchase is necessary. Void where prohibited.

8)     The contest is open to everyone who meets the conditions in item #7 with the exception of employees of Friday Professional Group and WeEmploy™, their families, agencies and representatives.

9) In the event that there is no goal by a member of the Calgary Flames, all entries which conform to the rules and regulations will be entered into the prize draw.

10)   By participating, all entrants acknowledge and agree that they have entered the contest of their own free will, that the full rules and details of the contest have been made available to them in writing and they therefore understand and agree that neither Friday Professional Group, WeEmploy™, the National Hockey League, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, their agents, affiliates, sponsors, representatives or employees have any liability with respect to any damages out of acceptance and use of a prize.  By entering this promotion, participants agree to be bound by these rules.

11) Approximate value of the prize is $150CAD. 

First Impressions

First impressions.

Two of the most underrated words when it comes to job searching. Everyone has heard the phrase “You only get one shot to make a great first impression” and as much as that is true, a lot of people fail to realize that the phrase doesn’t just apply to the person interviewing you.

At Friday, we work collaboratively to help you find the perfect employee or the perfect employment opportunity. Our staff work as a team and each member is just as valuable to our operations as the next. Every day our recruiters interview candidates for roles. The interviewee will check in at reception and wait to meet with the recruiter. Every so often a candidate will come in and treat the receptionist with disrespect only to politely smile when the recruiter comes out to meet with him or her. This behaviour does not go unnoticed and could cost that person a potential job offer.

Situations like these don’t just happen at our company. A co-worker sent me this article from CNET Magazine today. The headline reads “Developer curses at man on subway, meets him again in job interview” ( The headline alone paints a pretty clear picture. No matter where you go and no matter who you meet, always strive to make a positive lasting first impression. You never know how those connections can impact your future.

- Emily


Holiday Information

Friday Professional Group's offices are open Monday, December 22nd and Tuesday, December 23rd, regular hours. We are closed Wednesday, December 24th - Sunday, January 4th, and reopen Monday, January 5th at 7:30 AM. 

During this time, our staff will have limited access to email. If your matter is urgent, you may leave a message on our voicemail at 403-233-0499, which will be checked periodically. 

Matters in emails sent during the office closure will largely be responded to upon our staff's return to the office on the 5th.

Walk-In Wednesday will not be operating until the 7th of January, 2015, when it will proceed as usual from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

We hope you and your families have a safe and happy holiday!

- Team Friday 

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