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So Who is Responsible for Career Planning?


By: Kimberley Dart

The other day I had the privilege to write the NKE exam in pursuit of my CHRP designation.  Of the 150 exam questions, one in particular stuck in my mind.  Now I’m kind of technically not really supposed to reveal any of the exam questions, however, since I’m paraphrasing it I hope that they won’t mind. 

The question went something like:

Who is responsible for career planning?

a)      Line manager

b)      Employer

c)       HR Manager

d)      Employee

This question made me pause and think, realistically any one of the answers could be true.  I hummed and hawed quite a bit on this one.  I did a bit of debating on which one was the best response.  I narrowed it down to 2 possibilities.  I marked it to go back to later.  Finally, I decided on what I think is the best response given our employment market.

The answer that I chose was D) Employee.  I chose that knowing that it probably is not the answer that they are looking for.  In fact, I’m still not sure what the answer that they are looking for is.  I still chose D.

Why did I choose the Employee?

It’s true that HR, the company owner, and your direct supervisor should all definitely have a hand in your career planning.  But for any of them to be the answer, the question should have been asked about succession planning.  Because they asked specifically about “career planning” I feel that ultimately the onus is, and always will be, on the employee.

Let’s face it; we are no longer in a culture where people stay at one company for their entire careers.  Definitely, people rarely stay at the same job for their entire careers.  If you have career goals and aspirations, and I hope that you do, you need to develop a plan and then take the steps needed to reach your goal.

Your career goal may happen to be the same as the one your manager has in mind for you, and that’s awesome, but for many that is simply not the case.  If you want to advance or improve on your career, you need to take the steps to do so.  That may include taking extra classes, asking for more challenging work, polishing up your resume, or applying for jobs.

Who do you think is responsible for career planning?

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