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Job Hopping - You Know it's Bad, So Why Are You Doing It?

By: Kimberley Dart

When talking to job seekers whether at career fairs, networking events, or just in general, everyone seems to agree that job hopping - the process of regularly changing jobs is a bad thing.  So why do we still see so many resumes that say other wise?

Job hopping is bad for the job seeker because it screams to recruiters and hiring managers "I won't stay in any job for more than a few months!"  Or "I am not committed!"  HIring managers and business owners don't like to rehire when they fill a positions.  Recruiting and training a new employee is a costly venture.  When reviewing resumes for an open position, they are most likely going to avoid any resumes with a pattern of job hopping.

Don't believe me?  Read the lovely Infographic created by the folks at Bullhorn Reach:

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