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Objective: Write a Resume Objective

One of the fun parts of my job is cruising around the Internet finding information that might help our job seekers in their employment search. As I was sniffing around Pinterest today, reading up on ways to write a resume that stands out, I noticed in the comments of this article by Josh Steele a bluntly phrased remark: “The objective is obsolete. Why would you tell someone to put this on a resume?”

Wow – obsolete? Could that be putting things a touch strongly? On our Pinterest page, I keep a board of resume tips – while not all the articles I’ve collected there outright recommend an objective, the ones that do strongly emphasize the same things both a comment moderator on Josh Steele’s article and one of our Professional Recruiters Caitlin Hall-Sharp stated: the objective must be concise and articulate exactly what you are looking for in a job. It needs to add value.

As Arnie Fertig puts it in this article, any resume reader now assumes that the objective of a candidate submitting their resume is to be hired for the job offered. There are other ways, as Susan Ireland says on her comprehensive list of resume objectives, of making clear your career goals; these include letting your job history speak for itself or putting a title at the top of your resume with your name (like “Administrative Assistant”). All sources I’ve found which are in favour of using an objective statement make it clear that it needs to be tailored, specific, and support exactly what you are looking for in your new role. Ireland specifies that an objective may be especially useful when you are making a career change or your work history “lacks focus because you have held many types of jobs” – situations where you want to make explicitly clear what you are looking for. Also, as stated by Amna Masood, the comments moderator on the Josh Steele article, sometimes your resume will be going to someone who may have more than one job opportunity available. There, it is your responsibility to convey exactly what you’re looking for in a job as well as what you’re bringing to the table.

So – do you need an objective? You may not need a section of your resume explicitly titled objective, but there does need to be a clear and unambiguous statement of what you are looking for in your next position and what your contributions will be to your new role. Another of our Professional Recruiters, Jenna Nakamura, recommends this article by Kim Isaacs for interesting tidbits about writing resumes. Visit our Pinterest board for more!

As always, if you have questions for our recruiters, you can submit them at and one of our Professional Recruiters will reply. Happy resume-writing!

Rae, First Impressions Coordinator 

What To Expect When You're Walking In on Wednesday

One of our weekly events is our Walk-in Wednesday, a two-hour block of time where our Professional Recruiters speak with all comers about registering with Friday. After watching a year of WIW, I wanted to set the record straight on exactly what you’ll see if you join us for Walk-In.

Come in at 11:00 or afterwards, but at 12:55 at the latest – coming too early or late doesn’t leave a good first impression. We rarely have a wait, so you won’t be crushed in a horde of people, and our recruiters often are busy right up until 11:00 so won’t be able to see you early.

When you come in, you’ll see me first at the front desk – you need to bring a hard copy of your resume, and that’s the first thing for which I’ll ask you. I’m not able to print a copy of your resume for you; please make sure you print it beforehand and bring it with you! The recruiters look through your resume and discuss it with you, so without it, we’ll have to ask you to come back next week. I’ll ask you a few questions, including the type of work you’re looking for, where in the city you’d rather work, if you have access to a car and the minimum salary or wage expectation you have. The more specific that you can be with me, the better – it allows the recruiter to have a better idea off the bat of what you’re looking for. Instead of saying you’ll “take anything”, give me a few ideas of what your experience is in and where you’re looking to go from here.

First impressions and professionalism are very important. If you are coming to Walk-In, come alone; or if you’re in a group, make sure that all of you are coming to speak to a recruiter. It looks unprofessional to come in with friends or family members who are not here to see a recruiter, so leave parents, spouses and other hangers-on outside. If at all possible, leave children at home – while the meet-and-greet on Wednesday will be short; recruiters are looking for you to make the most professional impression that you can, without distractions. Also, dress the part - this is the time to bring out the business casual rather than jeans and a t-shirt.

Your meeting with a recruiter will be a short meet-and-greet – a time where he or she will review your resume and let you know if they feel we’re a good match to help you with your job search. They’ll want to know how your job search is going, what other avenues and tools you are using in your job search, what exactly you’re looking for in a job and what your experience is. One recruiter here also gave the excellent advice of checking out our job postings before you come and writing down any job numbers in which you’re interested. If our recruiter feels that we’re a good match to help you with your job search, they’ll talk to you about taking some assessments to get an idea of your skills before setting up a full professional interview.

Because we’re a client-driven business, sometimes we simply don’t have the roles to match with well-qualified candidates. We are happy to give you ideas of other resources to consult in your job search, and always encourage everyone to keep an eye on our job board and apply directly to roles for which you believe you’re well suited.

Walk-In happens every Wednesday between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.  If you’re looking for a job; get your resume in shape, put on your office clothes and come down to see us. We look forward to meeting every Calgary job seeker who walks in on Wednesday!

-Rae Sprung, First Impressions Coordinator 

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