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PRESS RELEASE: WeEmploy Inc. and TCETSA sign partnership to deliver more employment access to Indigenous communities

Tech firm WeEmploy Inc. signs strategic deal with First Nations groups to implement a unique System of Support (SOS) that caters to Indigenous-led businesses, non-profit agencies, educators, government and individuals in need.
Photo caption: WeEmploy and TCETSA team up to increase avenues for success among Canada’s indigenous communities.[/caption]   CALGARY,
March 13, 2017 – WeEmploy Inc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Tribal Chiefs Employment & Training Services Association (TCETSA) this week.
The partnership brings opportunities for WeEmploy to increase access to employment tools and resources for TCETSA clients, under the strategic banner Hire Indigenous (HI).
Since its inception 14 years ago, the TCETSA has worked toward creating stable, healthy and self-sufficient Indigenous communities empowered through meaningful employment.
The agreement also brings the potential for creating a strategic Indigenous Advisory Group and the deployment of WeEmploy’s SOS to assist TCETSA’s network in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The partnership is slated to run for the next four years.
“We created SOS to redefine benchmarks for sustainable community integration, particularly connecting businesses and non-profit organizations. We are proud to roll out SOS first with TCETSA,” said Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy Inc.
“Moving forward, businesses will need a more immersive way to engage the community and for charities to access resources that can enhance their business-building strategies. SOS delivers just that.”
Work is already underway with various First Nations groups under TCETSA. WeEmploy is ready to deploy strategic business and technology solutions that can support indigenous businesses, related non-profit agencies, educators, government, and people in need.
The partnership includes the appointment of a TCETSA Representative Eva John- Gladue as a WeEmploy Indigenous Ambassador.

“Our community’s needs are continually evolving. Our partnership with WeEmploy signals our continued efforts to deliver innovative services and resources,” said Eva John-Gladue, Operations Manager at TCETSA. “SOS presents an opportunity for us to cater to every community stakeholder, from entrepreneurs and business decision makers to job seekers and and people in need."

SOS provides a central point of access, extending WeEmploy’s platforms of service beyond the company’s well-established roots in employment and recruitment. The MOU provides TCETSA-referred businesses, agencies, and individuals with access to WeEmploy’s SOS services:

- Business-building tools:

  • Intellicruit, WeEmploy’s trademarked employment technology, connecting businesses looking to employ indigenous people
  • community engagement, cause awareness, marketing support
  • onsite training, leadership and mentorship within the fields of employment, volunteer, social enterprise and marketing

-  Funding network: A unique digital platform for funding and resource acquisition -  Social resources: Access to social resources for people in need, i.e. job seekers, newcomers, volunteers

- Performance Metrics: citing Return on Impact and effectiveness analytics   For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Precious de Leon, Community & Engagement Coordinator, WeEmploy Inc. | 403-408-7767 |
Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy Inc. | 403-605-9239 |  
About WeEmploy Inc. WeEmploy Inc.TM is a tech company that develops digital solutions and strategic services for charitable agencies, businesses, entrepreneurs, government and individuals.
A social enterprise launched in 2015, WeEmploy’s flagship product is Intellicruit, a trademarked recruitment tool that services businesses, nonprofit agencies, jobseekers and volunteers. The company also provides strategic solutions for influencers in business and community.
WeEmploy launched SOS in 2016. It provides platforms for fundraising support, market and impact analytics, and marketing. SOS is a community-centric platform that facilitates the exchange of information and resources between charitable agencies and businesses. Currently, the SOS Community includes over 150 charities, 8,000 companies, and 100,000 individuals.
Visit and Follow on Twitter (@WeEmployInc, @JOBS_WeEmploy, @TheSocial_CEO) and on Instagram (@WeEmploy, @SOSsystemofsupport).
The Tribal Chiefs Employment & Training Services Association (TCETSA) envisions stable, healthy and self-sufficient communities empowered through meaningful employment. For more than 14 years, TCETSA has been the trusted and influential voice in workforce development of the six Alberta First Nations in the Tribal Chiefs’ Ventures tribal council: Beaver Lake First Nation, Cold Lake First Nation, Frog Lake First Nation, Heart Lake First Nation, Kehewin Cree Nation and Whitefish Lake First Nation (Goodfish Lake).


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6 ways to avoid job scams

As if job hunting wasn’t hard enough, jobseekers also need to lookout for scams.

canadian-anti-fraud-centreWith many of us competing for jobs in an uneasy economy, scammers are taking advantage of the populace who just want to get back on the employment track.

It’s easy to say “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The reality is that in times of uncertainty, like when looking for a job, the promise of rich rewards and our own desire to get hired can blind us from suspicious behaviour.

The Ontario Provincial Police created a page sharing tips and what to look out for to avoid employment recruitment scams. These include being wary of the use of “wrong grammar, spelling and wording” and odd phrasing.

This January, a jobseeker shared her job scam experience with the Red Deer Express. The publication’s Co-editor Erin Fawcett reported Donna Johansson brush with scammers, who posted fraudulent job listings on Kijiji and On the first instance, Johansson was able to suss out the fraudsters with their fake ‘corporate’ locations, which showed bogus addresses abroad and in Canada. On the second instance, another company was asking her to send copies of her personal ID and passport.

The news follows a CBC report by Janice Johnston in November 2015 that reported job scams are on the rise in Alberta as unemployment rates increase. In it, a fake business consulting firm ‘TipTop Energy’ that have scammed jobseekers in Alberta and Manitoba. At least ten people came forward to CBC and have filed cases with the RCMP, at the time of CBC’s report. The suspicious posting was listed on Workopolis, despite the site’s initial screening process.

How do you protect yourself against these ills?

1 - Do a background check on your background check. Creating a website ‘front’ is easy these days, so make sure that contact numbers, emails and company staff are all legitimate. Verify information about the interviewer and the company. The following are some examples of what you can do:

  • Check the company’s digital presence (their website and social media accounts).
  • Look for profiles of current and past employees online.
  • Browse for any news coverage or corporate releases by the company. 
  • Scan for reviews about the company and their services on sites like the Better Business Bureau.
  • Scan scam lists online.

2 - Be mindful of the details. Are they asking you to meet in a dodgy area? Is the company email from a free account? Are they asking you to pay a fee in advance? These are some red flags that the ‘company’ you are dealing with might be scamming you.

3 - Keep your personal info on a need-to-know basis. Make sure you clearly understand why the company needs the information they say they require to hire you. Don’t share your personal information (like bank accounts or passports), unless you are signing a contract with someone you have vetted. Note: companies will never ask for your passport.

4 - Go ahead and ask! Ask about everything. Make sure the company is transparent with you and that you understand what they’re all about.

5 - Beware of vague job descriptions. Legitimate companies are looking for candidates with a specific set of skills to fill a specific role. They won’t use vague, roundabout phrases to attract candidates.

6 - Use only trusted employment agencies and websites. Sites like, only carry job listings from companies with which our staff have been in direct contact. This puts an extra layer on top of paid subscriptions to our security measures.

If you come across a scam, report it to the RCMP and contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. You can also check out the latter for more information on other types of fraudulent behaviour.

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Calgary employment and volunteer network is built around giving back to the community

CALGARY, 4 June, 2015 - WeEmploy, a local recruitment software startup, was created in partnership with Friday Professional Group (FPG) to help more people find employment and volunteer opportunities. FPG drew upon the best practices of their 27+ years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry to create an affiliation which could immediately help everyone.

By combining the most effective applications of job boards, social recruiting, and staffing agencies, WeEmploy™ has become a sustainable community resource providing access to employment and volunteer opportunities as well as social and community services. WeEmploy™ uses their partnerships with educational institutions, associations, charities, not-for-profit organizations and goodwill ambassadors to create a constant flow of candidates with knowledge of the employment, volunteer and community offerings.

Since beginning operations in March of 2015, the WeEmploy™ website has had more than 80 000 page views from over 80 countries and more than 2 000 candidates have created profiles1 to date. Registered users come from every demographic (ages 17 – 79) and have made over 1 000 applications. Over 100 volunteer and employment needs are currently posted on the site, and more are added every day. One thing is clear: people’s needs are increasing, and WeEmploy™ can react with an immediate solution.

For more information, please visit


About WeEmploy

A locally owned and operated business, WeEmploy™ is a recruitment software company designed to empower the public to take complete control of their individual employment, volunteer or community needs. The WeEmploy™ proprietary algorithm, Intellicruit™, uses a profile-based system where candidates and opportunities are defined more clearly to promote efficiency in hiring. WeEmploy™ provides a better understanding of experience (employment, life and volunteer), skills, personality, and education, and in doing so can match needs much more closely to create an immediate solution. WeEmploy™ has reinvented the way employers post opportunities, connect to candidates and hire great people.

About Friday Professional Group

Friday Professional Group has been providing staffing and recruitment services in Calgary for over 27 years as a locally owned and operated company. Comprised of recruitment generalists, FPG provides both temporary and permanent employees to our clients in different industries, recruiting for all types of roles.


For more information, contact:

Steve Mix, CEO & Co-Founder, WeEmploy™

P. (403) 605-9239



Sample Candidate Profile

Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Recruiters?


By: Kimberley Dart

I read a lot of industry blogs and news sites daily.  This is how I stay informed on what’s happening in the world and, more importantly, the staffing industry.  I’ve been in the industry since 2002 so I’ve seen a lot of things change.  Unfortunately one thing that hasn’t changed, and may have gotten worse because of social media, is the negative perception that many people have towards recruiters and staffing companies.

Here at FRIDAY we have always strived to be professional, honest, and to act with integrity in everything that we do.  Some of the stories that I have heard (both on the web and directly from our candidates) about our competitors really upset me.  A bad experience with a staffing company will often leave someone with the impression that all are the same.  This is simply not the case.

So why do some people have a distrust of recruiters?  The number one reason that I’ve come across is the “Fake Job Posting”.  That’s when a company puts up an ad seeking candidates when they don’t actually have that position to fill.  So candidates take the time to create a cover letter and to send their resume, only to be told that “sorry, this job has been filled.  But we have other jobs that might interest you.”  How frustrating!  Yes, we need to maintain an active database of candidates so that we can fill positions for our clients at a moment’s notice. No, we don’t need to lie to candidates.

Another strike against recruiters is that not everyone who applies will get a call.  I wish I could fix this, but it’s just not physically possible.  There are only so many hours in a day and there are hundreds of resumes to screen so, unfortunately, not everyone will get a phone call.  Is this fair?  No.  But unfortunately it is what it is.  The good news is that we do keep your resumes filed based on job type and when a position opens up we go back to that folder.

This final example of why many people distrust recruiters really makes my blood boil.  Unfortunately it’s not a onetime occurrence either.  I’ve heard/read on several occasions of candidates applying for a position on their own, i.e. not through a staffing company, and then find out later that their resume was presented to the hiring manager, without their knowledge and unsolicited, by a staffing company.


So how does this happen?  The staffing industry is fiercely competitive.  Here in Calgary there are over 100 listed Staffing and Employment Agencies, plus over 100 private consultants that offer staffing services.  Many of these companies (FRIDAY included) work on contingency - which means that we only get paid when an employer hires our candidate.  Many of our competitors only pay their employees a commission with no salary.  And that means that there are many recruiters out there who are desperate.  So desperate that they will search job boards for your resume and send it unsolicited to an employer in the hopes that the employer will want to hire you.  These people are not good at their jobs and they give all of us a bad name.

What can you do to avoid these recruiter pitfalls?  Stay tuned.  My next post will be focused on how you can get the most of out of your relationship with a recruiter.

Do you have any recruiter experiences that you would like to share?  Please leave a comment!

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