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Seasons May Change, Winter to Spring...

As I’m sitting here writing this, the temperature in Calgary is still -17, and it’s hard to believe winter is ever going to be over. Happily, however, I have access to a long-range weather forecast and know that as early as this weekend, we could be getting right into spring.

The cliché about spring is that it’s a time for new beginnings and it’s a cliché for a reason – both in the world and for you personally, as the days get longer and warmer and the hibernation mindset of winter moves aside to make way for the energy and focus on the “clean sweep” mentality of spring. We here in Calgary know better than almost anyone that the transition period between the two can be interesting, however, as the temperature fluctuates and the snow squalls roll in. I thought today would be a good day to talk about both winter – spring food and winter – spring workwear as we all prepare to get through what promises to be a tumultuous March and April and into real, sustained spring.

According to this article from February 2012, now is a good time to be eating citrus, cauliflower and sweet shrimp – all lighter-tasting alternatives to the root vegetables and stews that pop to mind when one thinks about ‘winter’ food. I love the look of this Dijon yogurt cauliflower recipe as a side dish – it’s healthier than smothering the cauliflower in cheese and still is tasty and hearty enough to feel like an appropriate side dish on a cold almost-spring day. suggests strawberries, mushrooms, eggs and mixed greens as foods which help to promote natural weight loss, which may be beneficial if you’ve picked up a few extra pounds to keep warm over the winter! (Sounds like the ingredients to a pretty good make-ahead salad!) According to, we in Alberta are now on the tail end of the availability of locally-grown produce until May, but with the use of greenhouses by local farmers it is possible to get all kinds of locally-grown vegetables and fruits all year round.

As we move into spring eating, we’re also moving into spring clothing, and it can be so hard to know how to dress for the Calgary weather in these early spring months. (I, for one, still have my fleece-lined tights in heavy rotation). Winter clothes are getting boring and tired, but it’s nowhere near warm enough to move into a full-on spring wardrobe. This is where layering comes into heavy play – instead of a black blazer, consider one like this beauty. Bright colours and florals help to enliven your spring look as you phase out the winter clothes, but can still be worn underneath cardigans and blazers as necessary to keep warm and professional. I think scarves have a big place in layering, as well as wearing long-sleeved shirts under dresses (like in this slideshow, which also has some other interesting ideas! It is for “transitioning into winter”, but the points work just as well in reverse). A lot of the articles I read while researching this post also recommended booties, cropped pants and adding lots of colour and prints as we move into spring.

 I would love to hear some male opinions on changing the wardrobe from winter to spring. Is this as big of a concern as it is for women, or do you find that weather-wise, your wardrobes hold up pan-seasonally? Email me at or visit our Facebook or Twitter accounts to weigh in! I also am still always looking for recipes and breakfast or lunch ideas to share with our followers, if you have a particular favourite. I hope everyone is staying warm and toasty as we get through this one (hopefully last!) cold week! (I see that it’s supposed to warm up on Monday – maybe I’ll get to retire the fleece-lined tights!)


            -Rae, First Impressions Coordinator

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