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Flexible and Temporary Placements

How much notice is required to have a Flex Employee on-site?
More time is always better, but we’ll do our best to secure you the best candidate possible in last minute and emergency situations.
When can I expect confirmation of the Flex Employee?
Normally we confirm a Flex Employee several days before the assignment start date. If circumstances dictate otherwise, we will let you know when to expect a confirmation call from one of our Professional Recruiters.
How am I invoiced and what do your rates cover?
Your flex hourly rate covers the employee’s pay, vacation and stat holiday pay, Employment Insurance, CPP, Workers Compensation, our administrative and payroll costs, and advertising expenses. We invoice our clients and pay our Flex Employees each week.
How do you determine what the hourly flex rate will be?
Our rates are determined by the level of skill, experience and responsibility that you require for the position. In addition, we consider current market conditions so that we remain competitive and attract and retain the best people for you.
What do I do if I’m not happy with the Flex Employee you send?
Call us immediately! We’ll revisit the job description, your requirements, and develop options together. Our first priority is to ensure that you’re happy; if that means replacing the Flex Employee, consider it done. If you notify us on the first day you won’t be billed for the first 4 hours. We regularly follow-up with both you and our Flex Employee to make sure it’s a fit.
I’d like to hire the Flex Employee you placed with us. What is the next step?
We’re always pleased when we find the right match. Please call your FRIDAY Professional Recruiter immediately before speaking with the Flex Employee. We’ll be happy to provide you with options to transfer the employee on to your payroll.
I’d like to see resumes for Flex Employees and choose my own. Can I do this?
Our Professional Recruiters are always happy to disclose the background, skills, personality and the reasons they are recommending a particular Flex Employee to you verbally. To ensure the speed and efficiency of our flex/temporary business we do not typically send a resume in advance. If there are extenuating circumstances where this is critical, just let us know and we will adjust our process.

Direct Hire/Full Time Placements

How many resumes will you send me?
It’s our job to narrow your search — not just throw you resumes and see what sticks. FRIDAY will only ever send you resumes of qualified candidates; that could be one, two, or several for you to choose from. We will discuss the candidates with you and utilize your feedback to continue the process
How long before I see resumes?
As soon as we have received your signed commitment letter we will begin to contact qualified candidates. FRIDAY’s commitment to you is to speak with potential candidates first before sending their resumes, so we avoid wasting your time.
How am I protected when I hire a candidate through FRIDAY Professional Group?
Your success is our success! We've designed a guarantee structure to give you peace-of-mind while working with us. Please refer to our Guarantee section for further details.
Why does it cost me the same to hire a part-time employee as it does for a full-time employee?
Hiring a part-time employee takes the same time and effort — sometimes more — as it does to hire a full-time employee. Therefore our costs to recruit remain the same. Our fees are based on a minimum of 37.5 hour work week.


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