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Executive Chef - Calgary

The application deadline for this job posting has passed. Although you can still view the information no new applications for this job are currently being accepted.
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Employer: Claudia Medina
Application deadline: CLOSED

Job Opening: Executive Chef
Reporting to: Executive Chef Regional Operations and VP of Operations

CRAFT Overview

CRAFT Beer Market is a premium casual restaurant with a passion for fresh local food and fresh local beer. With a focus on using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, all menu items are handcrafted in house to provide the freshest food possible.

CRAFT began its journey when we opened the doors to our first location in Calgary, Alberta in 2011. Every person that joins our team and every guest that walks through our doors becomes part of the story as we grow and evolve.

At CRAFT we strive to be much more than just your average restaurant. We are building a culture and a family and we look forward to sharing our passion for fresh local food and fresh local beer with you!


As we continue to expand this position is ultimately accountable for the overall kitchen’s culinary operations in the restaurant. The Executive Chef has overall responsibility of the kitchen, marketing & sales, culture & team members, environment and profitability.

He/She maintains active control over the execution of all aspects of the operating system with the main focus and performance based on recruiting, selection, training and development. This position is working closely with the General Manager and management team. He/she will also liaise with the CRAFT support department team and ensure the business is in compliance with the current system requirements, and office.

This person leads by example with the company’s “impactful leadership” philosophy and should also represent and practice all of the CRAFT core values.


  •   This position works out of the restaurant with 50 hours per week

  •   Able to travel to each location minimal 2 times per year or when needed

    Marketing & Sales:

  •   Drives delivery of the CRAFT experience to each and every guest

  •   Support with any marketing events that require kitchen assistance

  •   Prep time, food & beverage quality

  •   Direct involvement in community activities

  •   Store specific marketing events

  •   Direct relationships with all restaurant suppliers

  •   Ensure product availability

  •   Aware of up and coming industry culinary opportunities

    Culture & Team Members:

  •   Accountable for every position at the store level in the kitchen

  •   Hiring and recruiting: ensuring we have the best people and never short of team members

  •   Selection: selecting the quality of team members

  •   Training: ensuring adequate training is provided to be confident in their role

  •   Development: assist in the development and mentorship of team members

  •   Plays key role in the training of new kitchen team members and works closely with GM to

    ensure FOH team are trained to companies standards

  •   Conducts training sessions on product/policy changes with kitchen team as well as works

    closely with the GM to ensure any changes in food production, product specs, quality

    control, ingredient handling and related procedures are learned and followed

  •   Leads the process of providing performance evaluations for all kitchen team members

  •   Oversees performance of all employees on a daily basis.

  •   Maintains open lines of communication with all employees in regards to positive/

    constructive reinforcement of performance

  •   Prepare people for company growth and expansion

  •   Maintain leadership culture by instilling core values, motto, and mission statement

  •   Has a full working knowledge of all products and suppliers required in operating the business

  •   Establishes appropriate relationships with supplier reps

  •   Ensures orders are placed with suppliers as required, ensuring adequate inventory is on


  •   Works closely with both the Executive Chef Regional Operations (ECRO) and kitchen team to

    ensure all facets of kitchen operations are maintained to CRAFT standards and guidelines as

    well as the GM, Assistant General Manager (AGM) and all other managers

  •   Oversees all activities of the entire kitchen team

  •   Provides support/ guidance/ feedback as required for effective direction and betterment of the overall team. Places a strong emphasis on “doing things right”

  •   Works closely with other managers and supervisors to ensure that all aspects of the operation of the restaurant are in place on his/her days off

  •   Is dedicated to guest experience at all times

  •   Schedules regular daily and/or weekly maintenance tasks. Delegates such tasks to capable

    individuals in order to keep the restaurant in top working order

  •   Arranges for maintenance and repair of equipment as appropriate

  •   Maintain a 28% food cost or under in your location

  •   Monitors all food safety and food handling activities for all restaurant activities

  •   Ensures that CRAFT standards are appropriate at all times

  •   Has a full working knowledge of all products and suppliers required in operating the business

    in the market

  •   Continues to deal with suppliers

  •   Ultimately responsible to achieve the best possible product set to the CRAFT Standards, and

    core values at the best possible price

  •   Reports any and all budgets, incentives, and rebates that are allocated to CRAFT locations

  •   Relays any price increases immediately to head office

  •   Advises GM of any special items (beyond Food and Beverage) that may need to be ordered

  •   Must have certification in food safety with the appropriate level courses completed, and

    ensures all staff adheres to this in each market

  •   Oversee the Brewmaster dinner, and the menu creation of these dinners

  •   Develop each chef to have creative control on this area

  •   Must still approve menus’ and ensure the quality of these events


  •   Demonstrates a timeless environment

  •   Maintains 80% with Steritech

  •   Ensures Health & Safety standards are being adhered to

  •   Leads by example and always on the top of his game.

  •   Maintains an atmosphere of positive and professional employee relations at all times

  •   Ensures daily/weekly side duties are maintained

  •   Janitorial contract is up to date and performing


  •   Sales forecasting

  •   Yearly budget

  •   Achieve within 1% cost of goods

  •   Labour pro-forma

  •   Achieves 18% net income of your location

  •   Accountable for every dollar spent

  •   Labour budget

  •   Food and beverage inventory

  •   Manages overall labour cost budget for his/her kitchen

  •   Makes any major decisions about scheduling, allocation of time for training and maintenance tasks

  •   Maintain and train to achieve a labor cost of 20% or under

  •   This figure will be adjusted accordingly, and the Culinary and Corporate Chef will always work at

    reducing this figure

  •   Proper wages, and wage structure

  •   Proper training and development

  •   Effective, and efficient kitchen management and hiring and training procedures

  •   Develops routines and schedules for appropriate coverage according to projected business levels

  •   Manages labor costs on an ongoing basis according to business levels

  •   Works off a pro-forma schedule by using forecasting tools given to them by head office

  •   Looks at and ensures the accuracy of all inventories

  •   Looks at all stores profit and loss statements weekly, and notes any issues to operating


  •   Provides quarterly cost savings spreadsheet

    Comparative suppliers

    Ideas to save costs

  •   All contracts must be approved by Culinary and Corporate Chef, or operating partner

    •   All contracts will be signed and approved by Culinary and Corporate Chef

    •   The goal for head office is to present best deals to each store by handling all contracts

      based on volume for all stores

    •   Any contracts that may be of savings will be presented to operating partner and

      Corporate Chef, but are not to be signed or approved

    •   No equipment leases, agreements, or contracts over 6 months to be entered into or

      signed by Executive Chef

  •   Collects and verifies all invoices and gets approval from General Manager on any invoices

    over $500

  •   No variation from food purchasing or ordering as CRAFT head office has obligations to

    certain suppliers, and food quality

  •   Be respectful and uphold CRAFT standards from all suppliers


  •   Continually exploring new and existing “seminars” pertaining to your role

  •   Remains alert to, and is interested in developments in the overall foodservice industry

  •   Brings ideas that may be of interest to the company to the attention of the ownership and

    operations team

  •   Provides support for and performs such other tasks as may be assigned by the ECRO or VP

    Op’s from time to time

  •   Has a hands on approach to tasks given to ensure the main goal is for the best results for the



  •   Minimum 3-5 year experience in a similar role

  •   Knowledge of industry sales

  •   Proven selecting and training team members

  •   Proficiency with Microsoft Office is an asset

  •   Knowledge of graphic design programs is an asset

  •   Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  •   Highly effective project management, prioritization, multi-tasking, and time management

    skills to meet deadlines

  •   Ability to work well with a team or individually

  •   Ability to absorb new ideas and concepts quickly and to ensure they are clearly

    communicated to an audience

  •   Excellent problem solving and analytical abilities

  •   Accuracy and attention to detail

  •   Outgoing personality with a sense of humour

  •   Energetic, self-motivated and results-oriented

  •   Hospitality industry experience would be an asset

  •   Ability to exercise good judgment & show initiative

  •   This individual also works effectively without supervision at all times, and has a well-

    developed sense of business acumen 



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